HSE series slewing drive
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HSE series slewing drive

 As adopting the structure of slewing bearing which can bear greater dynamic axial rating and meet high requirement for input torque of module vehicle with large module structure at the same time, our heavy-duty monocular slewing drive is initially used for hydraulic module vehicle. At present, it has accounted for over 95% in the domestic market, and be recognized by customers with its widely used in floating collection machine, drilling platform and any other lines.

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●CXB has specially designed for the structure of inner seal, and control the leakage of gear oil effectively.
●The mounting dimension designed by CXB can be matched for international applied hydraulic module vehicle, and it is convenient for customers to maintain.
●We adopt the worm gear structure, which has stronger adhesion resistance and driving torque.


HSE seriel slewing drives can be widely used in the relatively rotary part in machine area:
●Drive module vehicle wheels to move.
●Drive pipe of the oil collection machine.
●Drive oil rig to run.


Binocular of HSE can reach 2 times tooth contact on the basis of monocular, so that it can have double output torque in the same volume and installation space, which can greatly improve the product performance, and increase double holding torque at the same time.


●Customers have high requirement on torque, such as on the oil drilling platform, CXB has specially designed the dual worm shaft slewing drive. It adopts copper worm gear, and has strong adhesion resistance and big torque.
●Dual worm shaft can drive the slewing bearing at the same time, and have bigger output torque. Its performance is superior to the structure of monocular.


HSE-2 series slewing drive can be widely used in the relatively rotary part in machine area:
●Drive module vehicle wheel to move shipyard, large structure unit.
●Drive pipe of the oil collection machine.
●Drive cable roll cart to run.


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