SE,PE series slewing drive
SE,PE series slewing drive-1

SE,PE series slewing drive


Compared with SE Series, the S Series slewing drive is a good choice for the lower maintenance costs; it is widely used for the Aerial platform
And truck crane and other fields. The S style slewing drive is combined by open housing, slewing ring, hourglass worm gear and other parts .you can use the electric motor or hydraulic motor drive the S series slewing drives.


● CXB designed it in enclosed to resist wind, rainstorm and other harsh environment, it can working outdoor
● It can solved the problem of two objects relative rotation.
● It is the one of the most widely used slewing drive of H-fang, has been recognized by the Europe and America market


SE series slewing drive widely used for relative rotation parts of the construction machines and solar tracking systems.
● The solar tracking system Azimuth & Elevation rotation.
● Aerial platform Chassis rotation.
● Drive the arm rotation of the crane truck.

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Out Torque

Tilting Moment Torque Holding Torque Gear Ratio

Tracking Precision

SE3C/PE3C 400N.m 1100kN.m 2000N.m 62:01:00 <=0.2° 12kg
SE5A/PE5A 600N.m 3000kN.m 5500N.m 62:01:00 <=0.2° 20kg
SE7/PE7 1500N.m 13500kN.m 10400N.m 73:01:00 <=0.2° 21kg
SE9A/PE9A 6.5kN.m 33.9kN.m 38.7kN.m 61:01:00 <=0.17° 49kg
SE12A/PE12A 7.5kN.m 54.3kN.m 43kN.m 78:01:00 <=0.17° 61kg
SE14A/PE14A 8kN.m 67.8kN.m 48kN.m 85:01:00 <=0.17° 64kg
SE17A/PE17A 10kN.m 135.6kN.m 72.3kN.m 102:01:00 <=0.15° 105kg
SE21/PE21 15N.m 203kN.m 105.8kN.m 125:01:00 <=0.15° 149kg
SE25/PE25 18kN.m 271kN.m 158.3kN.m 150:01:00 <=0.15° 204kg

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