WG series slewing drive
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WG series slewing drive

 WG series slewing drive adopts two level of transmission, using worm shaft to drive the worm gear, worm gear drives the small gear and small gear drives the slewing bearing to transmit slowly. The structure with special transmission design and housing integrated can increase greatly the stationary of transmission and output torque.
It can be used in medium speed rotating of working condition, such as some aerial working platform, truck crane, rotary forklift and so on.
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●It adopts worm gear structure in the first transmission, and the torque is very big.
●The speed of double transmission is over twice quicker than ordinary transmission, and has higher efficiency.
●It adopts straight teeth transmission in the second level, with bigger contact area and more stability.


WG series slewing drive can be widely used in the relatively rotary part in machine area:
●Rotary forklift drive the attachment of forklift truck to turn around.
●Drive the chassis and tumbler of aerial working platform to rotate.
●Drive the arm rotation of the crane truck.

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