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Luoyang Chenxing Bearing co.,Ltd (CXB) Localed in the most import bearing base in China , Luoyang .No matter the designing or manufacturing , Luoyang ChenXing Bearing has the great advantage . we are known by the customers  with slewing  bearings ( slewing ring )( Single-row four point contact ball slewing ringThree-row roller slewing ringSingle-row crossed roller  slewing ringDouble-row ball slewing ringRoller & ball  combination slewing ringLight type profile slewing ring ),etc.in the factory,.Our products are widely used in engineering machinery, construction machine and mining machinery, shipping port machinery, environmental protection machinery, light industry machinery, petroleum chemical machinery, engineering vehicle, war industry equipments and so on. The model of the products covers various standards and nonstandard specifications from 150mm to 5000mm.



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